Drug, Sex, and Violent Crimes


The consequences of a drug conviction are harsh.  Defendants who are convicted of drug crimes face lengthy prison sentences that often are accompanied by mandatory minimums.  Additionally, supervised release or probation can lead to a continuing cycle of negative interactions with the criminal justice system.  Before blindly accepting a plea offer, contact our firm to explore your options.

DRUG CRIME CASE STUDY:  Our client was accused of armed robbery at a local restuarant when he admittedly told a bad joke to a hostess.  The hostess mistook the client's joke for a demand for money from thecash register, but nonetheless, seated our client and his wife.  Local police officers entered the restaurant with their guns drawn, and arrested the client.  He did not have any weapon or drugs.  Nonetheless, he was arrested and taken to a police station for booking.  Once he arrived at the police station, he was searched again, and no weapon or contraband was found.  He was later placed in an interview room.  When a police officer entered the room to begin an interrogation, he observed drugs (heroin and crack) on the floor and accused the client of throwing them under the table.  Now, the client faced charges for both armed robbery and drug possession.  After the client hired us, we obtained copies of the surveillance video, which did not show the client throw drugs on the floor.  We convinced the prosecutor to do the right thing and obtained a dismissal of all charges because nothing was found during at least two invasive searches, and the video never show the client of doing what the police officer claimed.
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